Best Florida Dental Implants Dentist Testimonials:

Here is what a few of Dr. Radomski's fellow dentists have to say about him:

"Dr. Radomski is Northern Florida's premier Implant and Reconstructive Dentist. He's one, if not THE best in the entire Panhandle. You should be thankful he's right in your backyard! Not only does he have some of the highest professional designations related to his ability and expert skill at helping patients needing complex dentistry but he constantly seeks out the latest and best information and technology so that you get a great result for your teeth. No matter how bad off you feel you are or how serious your dental problems may really be, he can offer you a solution to get you back to eating, smiling, and living life to its fullest again. To make this all possible, he has literally sought out other top dentists in the profession in the country. He will do a great job giving you comfortable chewing and a smile that you'll really be proud to show off. Let Dr. Radomski help you, you'll be glad you did."


—Dr. James R. McAnally, FICOI, FMIII, FAGD
Implant & Sedation Dentistry Clinician & Denal Author

"Dr Radomski is a master at providing progressive dentistry in a personalized and comfortable manner."

—Dr. Art Mirelez, DSS, FICOI

"Impressive is the first word that comes to mind when describing Dr. Radomski. Skills, artistic eye and quality work are his hallmark."

—Dr. Bruce Fine, DDS

"I can attest to the fact that Dr. Radomski stands out amongst his peers in striving to offer the absolute best options for his patients with complex dental problems."

—Dr. Chris Chaffin, DSS, FICOI, FMIII

For over 15 years, I have been working with Dr. Radomski; he is one of the very few that consistently improves his technique regarding Crown and Bridge work. As a Technician and Lab Owner, I would recommend his services and knowledge over many in the area. His caring for patients and pride in his work shows in his excellent results. He is very good!

—Rod Hofmeister, CDT Cosmetic Dental Lab, Inc.

"I recommend Dr. Radomski for any of your dental needs. His extensive training and technical knowledge allows him to perform even the most challenging and complex cases."

—Dr. Li Skelton, DDS

"Dr. Radomski is an excellent dentist in this new era of dental implants. I feel comfortable recommending anyone to him for any phase of implant dentistry!"

—Dr. Yoon C. Kang, DDS, MS, FICOI

"I highly recommend Dr. Radomski for his exceptional skill and patient care. He is the premier dentist when it comes to restoring your smile."

—Dr. Lanny Lesser, DDS

"Dr. Radomski has been trained by the world's best dentists in the cutting edge of dentistry techniques. Plus, his caring staff makes you feel right at home."

—Dr. Nick Shubin, DDS


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