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THE NEW GENERATION OF ORAL IRRIGATOR Hydro Floss: Recommended by Dentists and Hygienists * A great addition for an effective home-hygiene program. *
Get the facts about this serious infection to save your teeth and protect your health.

Did you know that 90 percent of Americans over 30 have gum disease? It is the primary reason people lose their teeth.

The HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator is considered by many dental professionals to be the most effective home treatment device for proper oral care. Its patented HydroMagnetic technology uses a high-speed stream of pulsating water to disrupt sticky plaque that normal brushing and flossing leave behind. The tapered tip is shaped like a dental instrument to allow you to clean below the gum line and in hard to reach areas.

The HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator is great for people who:

  • Have Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

  • Have Periodontal problems

  • Wear a Crown or Bridge

  • Wear Braces

  • Have Implants

  • Have had Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Experience Bad Breath

Fight Plaque & Tartar with The HydroFloss System!

Dental professionals find that the HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator is twice as effective as other oral irrigators in the marketplace. This is due to patented technology that utilizes HydroMagnetics. HydroMagnetics causes bacteria to loosen its stickiness on the surface of the teeth.

Clinical studies show that the HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator is 44% more effective than the more common non-magnetic oral irrigators. (Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 20, No. 5). Later studies indicate that the HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator is 64% more effective than any competitive product. (Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 25, No. 4).

The Hydrofloss is the #1 recommended home oral care device (by myself and almost all other dental experts) for people who want to prevent gum disease or are experiencing the onset of gum disease.


How to Use the HydroFloss System

Features of the HYDRO FLOSS® Oral Irrigator

  • Pulsating water stream (1200 pulses per minute)

  • A Pause/Flow button easily accessible on the handle

  • Adjustable pressure allows customer comfort control

  • 800 ml measured reservoir allows for ease of measurement

  • Includes a pack of 4 color-coded Jet Tips with bathroom friendly holder. Color-coding allows for family sharing of Irrigator.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • One Year Limited Warranty with additional warranty options.

How does the HydroFloss work? ......... By Hydromagnetic oral irrigation

The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator has a unique magnetic feature that is protected by two United States patents. Each unit comes complete with a large metered reservoir (825 milliliters), a reservoir lid, 4 color-coded jets tips, and a wall-mounting jet tip holder.

HydroFlossThe HydroFloss reduces Tartar and Bacterial Buildup 64% Better than the WaterPik!

The HydroFloss combines Magnetohydrodynamics with oral irrigation. By treating the water magnetically, this effects the ionization process. By reversing the Polarity of the ions at the molecular level, it reduces surface tension and inhibits the ability of the bacteria to attach to the tooth surface thereby preventing the formation of calculus tartar).

What's the difference between the HydroFloss and other water irrigation devices?

The HydroFloss provides 64% greater reduction in tartar
(calculus) and bacterial debris according to the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. It's not JUST water pressure like the leading oral irrigator. The HydroFloss uses magnetic technology to "pull" plaque, tartar, and bacterial debris off enamel and out from below the gumline. No other instrument can do this!

Hydrofloss has been shown in independent studies to be the best product ever invented for preventing, treating, and actually reversing gum disease. It flushes away food particles and massages your gums with a stimulating water jet while protecting your teeth against plaque with a controlled-strength magnetic flux field. Harmless free electrons neutralize bacteria and plaque formation at the molecular level.

The HydroFloss combines Magnetohydrodynamics with oral irrigation. By treating the water magnetically, this effects the ionization process. By reversing the polarity of the ions at the molecular level, it reduces surface tension and inhibits the ability of the bacteria to attach to the tooth surface thereby preventing the formation of calculus tartar).

It's not JUST water pressure like the leading oral irrigator.

Get to the Real Source of Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums, and Bad Breath, by using the HydroFloss with PerioTherapy Products!

Any mouthwash can be used in the HydroFloss as long it flushed afterwards with the reservoir full of warm water.


Can the Hydro floss oral irrigator be used with tap water (containing minerals and fluoride) or does it require distilled water?

It is better to use tap water with the minerals. The clinical studies that were done on the Hydrofloss were done with tap water. The reason for this, is the hydromagnetic technology. The Hydrofloss places an electrical charge on the minerals and reverses their polarity as well as reversing the polarity of the bacteria in the mouth. Teeth have a positive charge on the surface, while bacteria and minerals are negatively charges, so they are attracted to one another. When using the Hydrofloss the polarity is reversed inhibiting the bacteria's ability to to adhere to the teeth.

HydroFloss Usage Instructions:

When you first use the Hydrofloss you will probably get water all over. After a few uses though most people get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Simply connect the Hydrofloss as described in the included instructions.

Aim the water pik at the base of your gumline at approximately a 45 degree angle.

Run the water stream slowly around the base of your gums, outside and inside your teeth
Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

  1. Fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.
  2. Insert the plug into a 110-120 volt A.C. outlet.
  3. Insert the jet tip into the opening on the handle. Push down firmly!  Jet tip should snap into place.
  4. Turn pressure control knob to the “High” setting.
  5. Direct the jet tip into the bottom of the sink basin and turn the on/off knob to the “On” position.
  6. As soon as water begins to flow from the jet tip, press the water stop button on the handle, and turn the pressure control knob to the setting that you intend to use, that is comfortable to you.
  7. Direct the stream of water towards the gumline at 90 degrees, so that contact is made where the tooth and gums meet.
  8. Maneuver the flow of water from tooth to tooth remembering to pause briefly between each tooth.
  9. Two full reservoirs should be used during each use.
  10. Empty any water remaining in the reservoir after use. Never leave water in the reservoir when your  Hydro Floss® is not in use.

HydroFloss Special Tip  Usage:

  1. Irrigating is a technique that relies on your sense of touch. Therefore, it is a good idea to PRACTICE irrigating while watching yourself in the mirror, without filling the reservoir or turning on the Hydro Floss®. This will allow you to see the technique you will use. Pick a starting point and move the jet tip along your gums and between your teeth. As you practice, watch your movements and remember how it feels.
  2. While irrigating, bend at the waist or tilt your head down over the sink. Leave your mouth partially open and keep your elbow raised. This allows the water to fall into the sink and will keep you and your counter tops dry.
  3. DO NOT attempt to watch yourself in the mirror. You will make a mess!
  4. Do not twist the entire handle of your Hydro Floss® to achieve the correct irrigating angle.  Instead, twist the jet tip itself. The handle design allows the jet tip to be twisted while the irrigator is operating. Twisting the handle will ultimately cause the hose to uncoil and/or kink.
  5. Be sure to press down firmly when returning the reservoir to its place on the base of the Hydro Floss®.  You may use a cup to fill the reservoir. This is easier and less messy.
  6. The Hydro Floss® may take five to ten seconds to begin pumping upon initial use. This is normal.
  7. Always leave the reservoir lid on while not in use.
  8. You may add two or three capfuls of your favorite mouth rinse to the water in the reservoir.
  9. DO NOT add soda, salt or any other abrasive substance to the water in the reservoir as doing so will damage your Hydro Floss®.

Cleaning of HydroFloss:


  • Always unplug your Hydro Floss before cleaning.
  • Remove the reservoir and wipe dry both the inside and outside surfaces.
  • Wipe dry the base and handle of the Hydro Floss®.
  • Be sure to wipe dry the counter top under and around the Hydro Floss®.


  • Always unplug your Hydro Floss before cleaning.
  • Fill the reservoir with very warm water.
  • Turn the pressure control knob to the “High” setting.
  • Place handle in the bottom of the sink.
  • Turn the on/off knob to the “On” position and let reservoir empty into the sink.
  • Repeat those steps.
  • Be sure to dry your Hydro Floss as described in the steps for Daily Cleaning.

Note: A mild cleanser may be used on the surfaces of the base, the reservoir and the jet tips. Never immense base or handle in water.

Important Safeguards: When using electrical appliances, especially when children are present, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including, but not limited to the following:

Precautions: In case where the physician or cardiologist has advised antibiotic pre-medication before dental procedures, consultation is recommended before using this product or any other hygiene aid.

Gum disease; Periodontal disease:

Gingivitis (Periodontal)      


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